Celebrating Great Films

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

#184 at the time of writing.

J. J. Abrams set the bar high with his reboot of the Star Trek film franchise, and with this sequel he has delivered against high expectations. Again, he has produced a film that works independently as sci-fi thriller fare yet while remaining rooted in the Star Trek universe.

And it is thrilling indeed. I found myself at the edge of my sat so often that at one point I suspected the story was just a bunch of how-will-they-make-it-out-of-this-one set-pieces strung together. But of course the heroes prevail, without too many plot holes or deus ex machina.

Ultimately, this is thoroughly satisfying, and I'll be first in the queue to see number three in the series. (But oh no! Mr Abrams won't be at the helm! He'll be too busy directing Star Wars VII...)

I'm sure this film has yet to reach its peak on the IMDb ranking. However, I reckon that when the dust settles, this film's ranking will follow its predecessor's and plummet. Whether it clings on to the Top 250 or not remains to be seen.