Celebrating Great Films

Friday, January 06, 2006

The mission

I love films.

Nothing beats the feeling of watching a great film. The credits roll and you feel a surge of adrenalin - as if reality itself has risen and changed to meet your wildest fanatasies. It can change your life.

For the most part I take an unashamedly populist attitude towards movies. I'll go and see whatever catches my eye at the cinema, rather than digging through the archives of an art house rental shop. I am not a film geek (although I am a geek in so many other ways), but I know what I like.

So I have decided to turn this hobby into an ambition.

There are hundreds of Top 10/100/250 Films lists. So why choose IMDb's?

Why the hell not?

So let the fun begin. Bring on the widescreen, technicolour, Dolby Surround glory!


  1. skags3:56 am

    cool blog man, thanks for the entertainment..

    as I'm in college but one of those kids with zero time, so I'm slowly building my viewing library. You should try to get some lesser know films up that you recommend... that are entertaining, not dull, that would be awesome..

    def getting a thumb up for my stumble

  2. I'm just starting this now, love the idea! Would love some feedback if you could give it? I'm starting off slowly but hoping to pick up the pace soon :)