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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Films I've Made (and other films)

OK, this boast - I mean post - is just me showing off. Cope.

Did you know that I've made a few of my own films?

Not proper films, but the kind of films you shoot on a Casio Exilim (best automatic cameras on the market) and edit in Windows Movie Maker.

This is the one of which I'm proudest. If you think watching a video of someone else's holiday is dull, I challenge you to be bored by this. Mind you, it was the best holiday of all time, so not surprising it's a great video.

My family and I made a few videos for my little brother as a Christmas present when he was away in the USA during his gap year (back then we didn't know he would end up living there for good). Ferris Bueller's Day Off in 3 minutes has broken the 10,000 views barrier on You Tube - which is great, until you read all the nasty comments about the "actors" (that's my sister you bastards!). And I'm so glad I did A Day in the Life - it makes me dead nostalgic for the wonderful first year I had living in London.

What else? I had a lot of fun making this as a task for an artsy game community called SFZero.

And loads of people have made short films inspired by my short stories. Search for "Death by Scrabble" on You Tube and you get, like, 40 different adaptations.

And now I have to write a screenplay. No, I haven't started yet...

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