Celebrating Great Films

Monday, February 06, 2012

These go to eleven

Did you know that the IMDb rating for Spinal Tap goes to 11?

So cool.


  1. Sadly you can't actually give it an 11. But it is pretty neat that it shows your score out of an ll. By the way, I'm also on the journey through the IMDB top 250 over at my site. You have more progress than me, but I hope to find time to catch up someday.

    1. Cool, I like your blog. But yeah, it's taken me - as you can see - like, 7 years to get a quarter of the way through the list. Not because I haven't seen lots of the films on the list, but because I don't also find time to write about them. And I'm only doing very quick reviews, yours are much more ambitious. Good luck!