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Friday, February 10, 2017

Zootropolis (or Zootopia if you prefer...)

#236 at the time of writing.

Yeah, outside of America this got a different name, possibly because of trademark conflicts with a Danish zoo, although Disney are not forthcoming with their reasons. Anyway, whatever you wanna call it, I loved it.

I have a soft spot for Walt Disney Animation Studios features, with Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph being my latest faves (and now Moana, of course - delightful!), and this one is wonderful. It's a joke-packed buddy cop film starring a rabbit and a fox, set in a stunningly detailed mammalian city (full of easter eggs), with none other than Shakira rocking the soundtrack. And yeah, Judy Hops is sexy. C'mon, it's not the first rabbit that has roused the blood - Jessica Rabbit got the eyes popping too...

The storyline is thoroughly right-on in a way that feels all the more urgent for having been released in the shitty year that was 2016. (And, interestingly, in a way that Moana avoided, being unabashedly a fantasy rather than a morality tale.)

The story fundamentally changed in the development process*. Originally it was Nick Wilde's story (the fox), and secondary character Judy Hops was a seasoned and cynical cop. It must have been tortuous to work through that and get to this much better sounding version.

*The comments on that article are hilarious.

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